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Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes also known as IDDM is a condition when the body is unable to produce insulin on its own. There may be various reasons for it.

One of the prime reason for IDDM in kids and young people is the destruction of the insulin producing beta cells by our own immune system.

For people who were initially having Type 2 diabetes can also become Type 1 Diabetic, if their pancreas fail to produce optimum level of Insulin.

At Natural Care, we treat both the cases differently because the root cause is different. If IDDM is caused by Hyper Immune, then the following treatment is given.

a. Try to detoxify the body. Try to expel out the foreign materials from the body which may be aiding in the immune getting Hyper.

b. Purify the Lymph and the blood.

c. Repair the extractory organs and help them expell out the foreign bodies and toxic waste.

d. Reccomend Electropathy medicines which helps in healing the Pancreas.

e. Healthy diet should be given to aid the healing process.

All the above mentioned points has to be covered in treatment to achieve the optimum result. Taking Insulin is just one part of the treatment. If the immune system is not rectified, then it will keep on attacking the beta cells and destroying them. This may take a little bit of time, but when it is continued over a longer period of time, it has given positive results in more then 95% of the cases. In some of the case we were able to get positive results in less the 2 weeks time.

 (Patients should continue taking their insulin along with these herbal medicines. They shall slowly reduce the insulin doses after seeing improvement in the blood glucose readings.)

In cases where the patient has converted from Type 2 Diabetic to IDDM, He/She doesn't need immune rectification. His/Her treatment should be done as a Type 2 diabetic only and additional medicine should be given to heal the pancreas.

Some of the case history given below tell you the efficacy of the treatment based on the points listed above.


 A B Shah, Gujarat, India

Type 1 Diabetic to Non Diabetic

This 27 years old boy was recommended Insulin by 2 physicians and was told that his pancreas was damaged and there is no way out. See how herbal medicines helped him heal his pancreas and lead a non diabetic life. Read the complete case history here.....

A B Shah


 Baby H C, 6F, Brooklyn, New York, USA

 From 7 units to zero units of insulin.

Read the case history of this young girl in her mother's own words.


A Simple change in diet started giving the positive result.


In just one month time a positive surprise was waiting for us. Her insulin was reduced slowly and her blood glucose levels were in control even without external Insulin.

She has been advised to continue the medicines for little longer time so that the pancreas gets fully healed and the immune system doesn't get hyper again.


R, 24M, Bellary, Karnataka, India

This 24 years old boy is able to bring his blood glucose from 337 to 138 in 7 months without insulin or other conventional medicines.
Read the case history of this young man who was advised to start Insulin by the conventional doctors. But he relied on herbal medicines only and just with the herbal medicines his fasting blood glucose reading came down from 337 to 138 in just 7 months time. Do remember, he is using only herbal medicines and many a times he is unable to take the medicines due to his work or travel.



He was not able to follow the advice and diet properly, still we were able to get positive results.

By end June, 2013, His fasting blood glucose reading has come down to 152.

In July, 2013, His fasting Blood glucose reading has come down to 138.

He has been advised to continue the medicines. Amazing journey from 337 to 138. And that too without the conventional medicines or external insulin. And many a times he misses his herbal medicines too due to his travel or work schedule.



 R. S 64F, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh


insulin reduced from 50 units to 24 units in just 1 month

This 64 years old lady traveled a long distance from Eluru to Hyderabad and came to meet me personally. She was suffering from Knee pain, Diabetes, Kidney stone, Hypertension, Breathing problems, Acidity and Constipation.

She was taking 50 units of insulin per day and still her blood glucose reading was very high (fasting 240, PP 280).

She was recommended by one of my patients and she had traveled a long distance to meet us and get our help. Now it was our turn to prove her decision to be right.

I carefully studied her case and recommended her some diet along with the medicines.

She came to meet me after 1 month. Her external insulin intake has come down from 50 units a month back to 24 units per day. Her knee pain had also subsidized a lot. She also reported improvement in her hypertension and breathing problems.

She has been advised to continue the treatment.

N, Madhya Pradesh, India

This 28 years old girl is on insulin for the last 9 years. She was able to reduce her external insulin dependency by 25 unit in 2 year. From 40 Units per day to 15 units per day, a whooping 63%. Read the case history in her own words.

N, Madhya Pradesh, India

Master T, Haryana, India

This 7 years young boy was suffering from Juvenile Diabetes. His external insulin dependency come down q whooping 33% in just 1 month. Read the complete case history here....

Baby T, 4 F, Tamilnadu, India

Her insulin requirement came down from 12 units to 9 units (25%) in just 2 days.


And the insulin requirement came down from 12 units per day to 9 units per day. a whooping 25% in just 2 days.

Even i was surprised at this result. I wish someday we can have some herbal solution which can repair the pancreas in just 2 days.

S S Panda, Orrisa, India

4 Units less insulin in 2 months time.

Father of this 4 years old boy contacted us from Orissa, India with lots of hope.

The child was being administered 16 units of insulin daily. After taking our herbal treatment for 2 months his insulin requirement has come down by 4 units. He has been advised to continue the treatment till his son is able to live insulin (external insulin) free life.


L M, Mexico

This 42 years old patient from Mexico who was residing some 16,000 kms away, contacted us for his RA and Type 1 Diabetes, with deep faith in herbal medicines. He was suffering with RA and Diabetes for the last 20 years.

Hamid, USA

This 21 years old male from New Mexico, USA,  is dependent on Insulin for the last 6 years. He reported positive results in just 1 month time.

SM, 28F, Hawai, USA

This 28 years old lady from Hawai, USA was able to cut her insulin requirement by 1 units in just 1 and a half month time.

She started her journey of herbal medicines with Natural Care on 24th February, 2013. In 1 month time we are able to see the positive changes in her blood glucose readings.

After one and a half month she was able to cut down her requirement of external insulin.

She has been advised to continue the medicines to reduce dependency of the external insulin.