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Thyroid Care

S K S, 42F, Tanzania
She contacted us for her Hyper Thyroid problem from Tanzania, Africa. She also reported Low BP, significant weight loss, anemic and very low energy levels. In 6 months, her reports showing normal.
Vaishali, Hyderabad, India

S B Singh, 45M, Chattisgarh, India
He was suffering from Hyperthyroid, Hypertension, Low Immunity and frequent cough and cold. The allopathic doctors had advised him to go for surgical option, then he contacted us.
In 4 months of treatment, his thyroid reports came to normal.

DB, 41F, Banglore, India
She contacted us for her thyroid problem, pain in the whole body, low on energy and giddiness.
She reported excellent progress in 2 weeks time. After that many of her family members came to get treatment for their illness.