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This 60 years old lady from Hyderabad, India who was unable to walk 100 meters due to her Psoriatic Arthritis is now doing a regular evening walk of 5 - 6 kms. Read the complete case history here.....

Mr. Rao, Muscat, Oman

This 57 years old gentleman contacted us from from Muscat, Oman for his Psoriatic Arthritis. His had a family history of psoriasis. When he contacted us he was having severe pain in the ankle and and knee and was unable to take the stairs. It was very difficult for him to walk. He was also on insulin for his diabetes for the last 17 - 18 years. His weight (120 kg) was compounding his problems. He reported positive results within a week and in 2 months time he was comfortably walking and using the stairs and driving his car.