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There are numerous patients who want to share their experiences. but due to space constraint and readability of the general public, we are just publishing few of them.

No More Baldness and Hair Fall

I tried everything what people had suggested and what i saw on TV. For last 5 6 years i spent a lot of money on medicines and therapies, but of no use, every time i tried something i felt cheated. then i thought that hair fall has no solution. People will explain about genetics and water and food problems.

But then i got in touch with doctor Sangita and her herbal medicines. Boss, herbs have magical effect, now  hair fall is a thing of past for me. my hairs have grown thicker and stronger and a side effect of her remedies, now i have improved digestive system. Thank you Doc.



Arthritis i have forgotten it, Diabetes normal and psoriasis going away from my body.

I was having chronic arthritis for last 9 10 years, I just dragged my feet and go to my work. In Winters the things went worse, I was just unable to bend my fingers. Along with my Arthritis I was having chronic psoriasis and diabetes for long time. My skin had turned black due to psoriasis and it itched everywhere. I tried everything that i could. all forms of treatment, I was having heavy doses of allopathic medicines but all useless.

My life had become hell. I had just lost hope but then one fine evening i meet  Sangita. My life has changed after that. Now after treatment under her for 1 year, I have forgotten Arthritis. psoriasis 70% cured and my blood report for the first time in my diabetes life says normal.



Asthma i feel 70% cured.

I was having chronic asthma for the last 12 years. My days started with sneezing almost 20 times in the morning itself and had asthma attacks around 5 times a day. I was allergic to almost everything. Life was very difficult for me. Then one fine day my sister told me about the magical effects of herbal medicines. I said Asthma has no cure, but she insisted on giving it a try. Then i started the therapy under Dr. Sangita.

Boss, herbs have magical effect. Within a month of treatment i feel 70% cured. no sneezing and at most one mild attack when i use the staircase.

Narendra 42, Pune.

Digestive Problems and Gastrointestinal problems

I was having chronic gastrointestinal problems. Digestive disorders, constipation and gas was the way of living for me. I consulted many doctors and tried everything, but only thing i got was temporary relief.

But then i consulted Dr Sangita. I have forgot that i was having any gastric issues.

R J Singh, Jehanabad


Urinary Problems no more.

I had lost hope in allopath and its short time cure of diseases and the side effects on my body. I took the remedies from Sangita and after that i discovered a new me. Now tho i get free allopathic treatment and medicines from Tata Hospitals, I prefer not to use them. We use only herbal medicines of Dr Sangita whenever needed.

S P Ch, 65, Jamshedpur.


Gynec issues

I was married for 5 years and we were starving for a kid. Then i meet Dr Sangita. You can imagine the joy of having a baby after 5 years. Thanks Sangita.

Seema 29, Tata Nagar


No More Dark Circles and Marks on the skin

When i saw the magical effects of herbs on my mom and my maternal uncle, I was unable to resist myself from asking a herbal remedy for my dark circles and marks on my skin. And yes Dr Sangita had the solution for my problem too. Now my face is free from dark circles and marks. my skin is energized and people say that i have become fairer. Thanks Doctor.

Swetha 20, Hyderabad


Abnormal/Irregular Menses

How to explain that, Only a woman who has suffered from it will know that. But a single dose of herbs made my life normal. Thanks doctor.

Nivedita, 20, Tata Nagar


Continuous vomiting

My 2 years old little baby was vomiting continuously. I tried the medicine given by the child specialist but her vomiting was not stopping. 24 hours have passed and as the hours were passing, my baby was sinking and so was my heart. Then i took a bold step. I started her herbal medicines under  Sangita. My baby started recovering from the very 1st dose and after 1 hour she was playing like a normal child. Herbs have magical effect. Thanks Sangita.

AKS Tatanagar


High Fever

I was having high fever 105 and went to Apollo. They gave me high doses of paracetamol and antibiotics. 6 7 hours had passed since i had taken the medicines but the mercury was not coming below 105. then Dr Sangita gave me cold compress of her herbal medicines within half an hour my temperature returned to 99 and then 97. I had heard that herbs are good in long run, but i saw myself that in short run too they work like electricity. Is it the reason they call it electro homeo?? anyways that's non of my business. Thanks Sangita.

Akhil 33, Hyderabad


heavy bleeding due to wounded skull

My 5 years old son Aniket broke his scull from the grill and was bleeding heavily. we were all scared and were in the process to go to the hospital. but then Dr. Sangita put some herbal lotion in a piece of cotton and asked me to put it on the cut. Magiccccccccc, within a minute the bleeding had stopped. after wards he got 3 stitches.

S Singh, Tatanagar


Swine flu preventive also healed my wounds and solved my digestive problems

Pune had become the swine flu capital of India and me being in marketing job, more prone to get in contact with the virus. Then i asked Dr Sangita for some preventive medicines. I also told her about a 6 7 months old wound and some digestive problems that i had. The doctors had told me to get that wound operated, but due to this swine flu out break i was just afraid to go near the hospitals. who knows who is affected there. I used the herbal remedies for 10 days. Boss, my wound healed without any surgery, my digestive system got corrected and i was safe from swine flu or any other disease. Thanks Doc.

Babloo 28, Pune


Sinusitis Problem

I was suffering from this problem for last 2 3 years. i used to get little or no relief from the conventional medicines. then i contacted Dr. Sangita ma'am. within a week i feel relieved.

Rajeev, 16, Sib Sagar (Assam )