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Magical effect of herbs on RA(Rheumatoid Arthritis)

This 29 years young man family member of a very senior police officer was suffering from RA for the last 2 years and was not able to lift an empty tumbler or remote control is able to lift the cricket bat and play good cricket in just 12 days of using these herbal preparations and is living a pain free life. Read the complete case history here....

Magical effect of herbs on RA

Many more people have reported similar results.


Magical effect of herbs on Psoriasis

This 34 years young lady contacted me from Cheshire, UK for her Psoriasis and IBS, skin health and Beauty treatment. and in just 35 days see the result. In her own words "I have started to see a big improvement with my psoriasis and my stomach has settled down a lot. Also I have had friends comment on how much better my skin looks and how it is glowing."And see the improvement in just 35 days....
See the full detail in my blog.  
Magical effect of herbs on Psoriasis

Many more people have reported similar results and now they are living a wonderful life free of psoriasis.

New Hair Growth on bald patches

One girl came to me and complained about hair fall. I started treating her skull skin and hair roots. The herbal solutions were administered to take orally and other to be applied locally for the skull massage. within 20 - 25 days of treatment, her hair fall stopped. I told her to continue the medicines for some more time. I was amazed when she come after 40 - 45 days showing tiny hairs on her bald patches.... Yeah that's the power these herbs posses. Many other people have reported similar results.

60 year old or 60 year young

One of my patients (a 60+ year young lady) was suffering from arthritis for the last 10 years and had tried everything... allopath, homeopath, Ayurveda.. etc.. when i started her treatment, her condition was very bad. she was unable to hold even a plate and dragged her feet to move from one place to another and always cried with pain. The doctors had advised her knee replacement, but just after 1 week of treatment she started feeling good and within 1 year of regular treatment she had forgot that she had arthritis at any point of time in her life. now she does around 5 6 km of evening walk on a daily basis. Anyone willing to challenge her in evening walk???????


Distance doesn't matters in this global village

A lady contacted me from London (UK) for her arthritis problem. Initially she had hesitation regarding the treatment. She was diagnosed with Arthritis 25 years ago and the doctors in UK had told her that there is no cure for her problem and she should try to live with it. All she wanted from me was less pain and stiffness. I asked for some reports, but she said that the hospitals in UK don't allow to take the reports out and its very costly to get the tests done privately.

So based on the detailed description of her problem, i started her treatment and within 1 week she had very positive results and in 20 days she has stopped taking all the allopathic pain killers. 


VVIPs not far behind

Family members of ex chief of Indian Army, family members of ex  judge of high court, DIG, DC, many senior officers of Indian Army and other bureaucrats, national level sports persons have been benefited by our treatment. 


When one pathy fails, 2nd comes to rescue

One 75 years old patient contacted me from Ranchi for his knee pain. His son being an allopathic doctor himself  had tried everything to give relief to his father but when his pathy failed, he came to us. and his father forgot his pain in just 1 dose (20 days medicine). After that i treated his son for his allergic problems and his grand son too for different problems. His son in law is also taking treatment for his various ailments. If a combined approach is taken, and all the branches of medicine comes on one stage, we can enhance the quality of life of the human race.


Asthma excellent results

one 46 years old patient from Haryana was suffering from Asthma for the last 30 years.  He reported  positive results in 15 days and has shown excellent progress with the herbal medicines. Many people have reported similar and better results.


Wonderful result on Type 1 Diabetes

One 27 years old, 5'5", 56 kg male from Gujarat, India contacted me for diabetes. His problems started after having scrotal abscess. His random blood glucose was 298 and fasting was 182. Then after 1 ½ months it again crept up to almost 221 fasting and 427 postprandial. He was recommended to start insulin by 2 physicians. They told him that his pancreas is damaged and there is no way out. At this point his family members contacted me through the internet.
Treating someone just based on his/her detailed description from 800kms in critical cases like this one is a big challenge, but then whats life without challenge..........
I advised him some herbal preparations to repair his pancreas which can be taken along with his allopathic medicines. After 2 months of treatment his HbA1C reading came down to 6. He is not taking INSULIN and his allopathic doctors have asked him to stop his allopathic medicines. He doesn't require Insulin or any other allopathic medicine.
This is a classic case where Nature and Science worked together to put smile back on a patients face. India has become the diabetic capital of the world. Why can't doctor's from different stream work in close collaboration and work towards making this world free of diabetes.