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The herbal medicines not only prevent hair loss but also regrow new hair on the bald patches.

The main reason for hair fall is weakness of the hair roots. The weakness may be due to hair roots not getting enough nourishment of some kinda infections on the scalp. Many a times we have seen that the immune system also gets hyper and attacks the hair follicles.  Some toxic insult of the body too results in hair fall. The root cause needs to be analyzed and treatment should be given accordingly.

Along with the medication, the diet plays an important part. So proper care should be taken and patient needs to be advised accordingly.


This 20 years old girl from Hyderabad came for her hair fall problem and in 4 months time not only the hair fall stopped, but she got new hairs. See the picture below.


This 28 years old boy contacted us from Rourkela, Orissa for his baldness. See the results in just 2 months.

Manoj Kr., Delhi, India

This 32 years old male from Delhi, India contacted me for his hair fall problem. He was having this problem for the last 5 - 6 years. The herbal medicines helped him strengthen the hair roots and stop the hair fall.

Dipti, Hyderabad, India

This 28 years old lady from Hyderabad, India contacted us for her hair fall problem, sinusitis and fissure.

In 1 month time, she reported significant improvement with her sinus gone, hair fall stopped and significant improvement in the fissure problem.

V. J., Hyderabad, India

This 23 years young lady was having sever hair fall. She reported good improvement in 20 days.
V M Krishna, 28M, Hyderabad, India
This young man came to us for his excessive hair fall problem. He had initially came to us for his father's treatment who was suffering from osteoarthritis. After seeing the quick results, he narrated his hair fall problem and asked for medicine to stop the hair fall. In 1 month itself he reported 90% improvement.