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herbal medicines are very effective in treating Gout patients.

At Natural Care, We cleanse the blood and lymph so that the uric crystals gets dissolved and get out of the body. The kidney is repaired so that it keeps on removing the urea from the body and gives a permanent relief.

See the results yourself..... 

Mahalingam, 50 M, Malaysia

This 50 years old male contacted us from Malaysia for his gout problem. He was suffering from gout for the last 4 - 5 years. In 2 weeks time he got good results.

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BSD, 61 M, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

His family members practice conventional medicines. See how they react to herbal medicines.

Kumar S. 42, Hyderabad, India

This 42 years male IT engineer from Hyderabad came to us for his acute gout problem. He was having intense knee pain and high uric acid levels. Before coming to us, he had visited different hospitals and taken many painkillers and sprays but all had failed. After coming to us, he got relief from day 1 itself and in 1 week time he got relieved of his gout problem.

Md. Hd, Hyderabad, India

This 30 years old male from Hyderabad, India was suffering from high uric acid for so many years and always complained of ankle pain coccyx pain and spondylytis. Beside this He was having ulcer in the food pipe, GERD, sinus, high cholestrol, fissure, acidity and constipation. He reported positive result in 1 week time.