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Gastro Care

Emma, UK

This 34 years old female from UK, was having digestive issues for the last 2 years. She was diagnosed with IBS and can't tolerate spicy foods and dairy products. She had grumbling stomach and wake her up several times at night. She also suffered with lots of stress and weak adrenals.

She reported significant improvement in 1 month time.



Babloo, pune, India

This 31 years old male from Pune, Maharashtra, India, came to me complaining constipation, windy stomach, bloating and persistent headache. When he came to me, he was using pain killers for his headache, every alternate day.
He reported significant improvement in his condition in 20 days. His GI system got settled down considerably and didn't needed the painkiller again.

Md. Hd, Hyderabad, India

This 30 years old male from Hyderabad, India was suffering from high uric acid for so many years and always complained of ankle pain coccyx pain and spondylytis. Beside this He was having ulcer in the food pipe, GERD, sinus, high cholestrol, fissure, acidity and constipation. He reported positive result in 1 week time.