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Wonderful results on Type 2 diabetes

A 32 years young girl  came to me seeking treatment for her type 2 diabetes ( fasting blood sugar above 230 and pp 380), Hypertension (150/110), fatty liver, uterine fibroid, obesity (82 kg), migraine, giddiness, nil on energy, always have vomiting sensation and many more problem.

She was just taking some allopathic tablets for headache when she came to me. I asked her to take some immediate allopathic treatment for her diabetes and hypertension, but she refused saying that she don't wish to be lifelong dependent on them. 

At this point, i started her treatment. Within 15 - 20 days she got good improvement in her vomiting sensation, migraine, energy levels and giddiness. she started feeling hungry as her digestion improved.

She slowly started getting improvement in her hypertension and blood sugar levels. after around 7 months of continuous treatment, her blood pressure is normal ( 120/80). blood sugar near about normal (fasting 112), no migraine attack for last 5 - 6 months. no giddiness, liver and fibroid all normal. full of energy. the girl who was unable to walk 50 - 60 meters is now daily walking for 5 - 6 kilometers and still fresh. lost 8 kg and is back in shape.
She was having some vision problems. so i asked her to consult her eye specialist. The eye specialist was shocked. He said he has always seen the glass getting thicker and thicker, this is the first time i am prescribing some thinner one to someone ;). Just 2 days back she came to me with sweets, hug and a big thank you.

These results may be bettered. i believe there are many more herbal combinations which can give much faster results. I believe there are many more practitioners of herbal medicines whose results are much much better then that of ours. But the question is, are the patients ready to get rid of their diabetes???????   

Insulin resistance can be reversed with the right medicine and the lifestyle change. It may be incurable in some branches of medicine, but not all. So whenever someone talks of in-curability and in doubt, just remember one thing, NATURE IS MUCH MUCH POWERFUL THAN THE MAN MADE SCIENCE. 

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