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Wonderful results on Type 1 Diabetes

A 27 years old, 5'5", 56 kg male from Gujarat, India contacted me for diabetes. His problems started after having scrotal abscess. His random blood glucose was 298 and fasting was 182. Then after 1 ½ months it again crept up to almost 221 fasting and 427 postprandial.
(All the mail cuttings taken from my mailbox. Editing done to hide the identity of the patient)

He was recommended to start insulin by 2 physicians. They told him that his pancreas is damaged and there is no way out. 

At this point his family members contacted me through the internet.

Treating someone just based on his/her detailed description from 800kms in critical cases like this one is a big challenge, but then whats life without challenge..........
I send him some herbal preparations through courier services to repair his pancreas which can be taken along with his allopathic medicines. After 2 months of treatment his HbA1C reading came down to 6. He is not taking INSULIN and his allopathic doctors have asked him to stop his allopathic medicines. He doesn't require Insulin or any other allopathic medicine.

Again a fasting glucose test after 2 months show that everything is well under control.

After this no medicine was given to this patient. Only some general health tonic for 1 month was given. And the HbA1c after 6 months gives the reading 5.5.

The result is permanent. He don't have to take the medicines or insulin for life.

And the results are permanent. See even after leaving the medicines for more than 6 months his Hba1c level is equivalent to a normal non diabetic person.

Now he is not using any allopathic or herbal medicine and is leading a normal, medicine free life.
This is a classic case where Natural medicines have proved their supremacy over the chemical medicines in a so called incurable disease. India has become the diabetic capital of the world. Why can't doctor's from different stream work in close collaboration and work towards making this world free of diabetes.

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Nature is more powerful than man made science.

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