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Wonderful result on 75 years young lady from USA

This 75 years young lady was suffering from Lyme's disease and due to the pain in her knees due to lyme's arthritis, she was having lots of pain while walking. She had used all types of medicines and steroids but all in vain. Then they turned to NATURAL CARE and her husband contacted us from USA.

Here is the case history in their own words....

On further investigation we got more details about the case.She has taken all sorts of antibiotics and steroids that the doctors can give her but didn't provide her relief. Read in her own words....

At the age of 75, most people lose hope and never take proper treatment. The medical fraternity also says that at this age the repairs in the body can't be done. But this is not true. The repair process is there in the body till our last breath and this is how nature has made us. The right treatment given by an experienced practitioner can give wonderful results and this is what this 75 years young lady proved.

In just 20 days of treatment she reported positive changes.

 And some more positive remarks....

Treating the patient from such a distance and without seeing her is a big challenge and here in this case, the age of the patient and her condition where all the other branches of medicine had failed to give her relief doubled the challenge.

But we overcome all the odds and once again proved that NATURE IS MUCH MUCH MORE POWERFUL THEN MAN MADE SCIENCE.

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