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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) - The Hidden Truth

Most people don't understand Rheumatoid Arthritis fully and just take half or wrong treatment for it and say it’s incurable. Actually one has to understand in RA why the immune system is attacking the joint fluid (synovium). If someone digs little further then the doctor tells only little that it’s immune disorder and it’s incurable....... But anyone tried to think beyond that??? Why his/her immune system started acting against his/her own body? Why the protector becomes the destroyer. What made the immune system think that his/her synovial joints are not the original one but some changed one, say some invader which needs to be destroyed???? Is it that only the immune system has become hyper and there is no change in the synovial joints??? Perhaps no one wants to answer these tough questions and that’s why it is incurable.

Actually, in today’s world everything has become contaminated. The farmers are using lot many pesticides and the farm produce gets contaminated. The milkman and dairy owners... uses hormonal injections so that his cow can give more milk and thus contaminates the milk. The warehouses use lot many preservatives to increase the lifespan of the food products, thus contaminating the products. The radiation from the electronic gazettes are adding fuel to fire. The unwanted chemicals being pumped in the body in the name of vaccination, start contaminating the body very early and are the reasons for many deaths reported worldwide. Overuse of antibiotics…. The doctors are always pumping lots of chemicals in the body and make it contaminated. Most of the chemical medicines use radio active elements, which releases the radiation and they change the molecular structure of several cells n tissues. And the chemical doctors never give any medication to remove these toxins from the body. So all sort of actions taken on the body against the Nature.

The doctor gives all kinda pills, but never ever gives medicine to remove the toxic waste from your body. So when the doctor doesn't give you medicine to get rid of these toxic materials which induced these problems, it’s almost impossible to heal the immune system and the other affected organs. The toxins in your body will keep on creating different problems and the doctors keep on pruning the immune system and making money for life time. The pharma companies make trillions by not curing the disease so it doesn't makes economic sense to cure a patient and loose a customer for life. The business of medicine............

I feel pity at most of the patients when they take just half treatment or wrong treatment say NSAIDs, DMARDs and other steroids and are happy that they are receiving treatment by some doctors with fancy degrees and fancy equipments….. They never get any treatment to heal their immune system and the synovial joints and they also start believing that it’s incurable. Most patients take methotrexate (MTX) for their RA. Methotrexate is used to destroy the white blood cells. No medicines ever given to induce the production of healthy WBC. How on earth someone killing some of your immune cells will rectify your immune system??? In fact nothing is being done to rectify the immune system, just get some of your unhealthy WBC killed whenever you take this medicine. simply like pruning a tree little bit every time. Again for controlling the pain, just stop the pain signals temporarily from reaching the brain. How just stopping the pain signals reaching the brain will repair the cells and tissue of the affected organs? And if the damaged cells and tissues are not repaired then for how long chemicals will be pumped in the body just to stop the pain signals from reaching the brain. MTX and/or pain killers are meant for temporary relief and not for cure.

Today one system of medicine which has got good poison to kill some micro organisms but failed in almost all other illness has spread their half baked truth about the curability of this disease. The public must know the full truth that this particular illness is incurable in this pathy.

Here at Natural Care, we believe in the whole body cure. We go deep and investigate each case thoroughly. We have excellent herbal medicines to remove the toxins from the body. Then we give some herbal supplements to start the cell regeneration of the damaged body organs. And we have got excellent results worldwide.

See some of the results yourself.

Dr. Sangita

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