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Osteo-Arthritis & Knee replacement - Herbal medicines a better bet

This 55 years lady contacted me from London for her Osteo-Arthritis. She was born knocked knee and having osteoarthritis for the last 17 years. Let me put her case in her own words

(Pic taken from internet just for illustration purpose)

She wasn't able to start medicines at that time due to her personal problems and again mailed me after some time. I received this mail on June 13th, 2011.

I have solved many cases of osteo-arthritis and help yhem living a pain free life, but this case was different. The patient being pushed for knee replacement...... and born knocked knees(Capital K). Can i make her life easy? Can i save her from knee replacement. She has already been treated like a guinea pig by the mainstream doctors from infancy itself. what else is there for me to do? The distance also poses a big barrier. She is 8000 kms away and there is no possibility of any physical examination. The tests done in private is too costly, and the hospitals don't share the reports with anyone else. So we had to rely on the detailed description of the patient. Again along with her arthritis problem, she was having type 2 diabetes and a family history of being anemic and hypo tension. She has mailed me with such a belief from 8000kms. I have to make her life pain free. She has already suffered a lot due to her problems. O lord Almighty, help me to help her. help me to take away pain and suffering from her life.

Based on these details, i started her treatment and send her the medicines through post. She started taking these herbal medicines 24th June 2011.

I was waiting for the response with my fingers crossed. On 27th June 2011, i.e. after 3 days of taking my herbal medicines, i got a mail from her.

On 28th June, 2011 i received a mail from her elder sister who is also taking treatment from me for her different problems.

On 1st July 2011 i received another mail about her condition...

She has got so much of relief in just 1 week of treatment and i have advised her to take take medicines for bit longer time to get the full results.

Many a times i wonder, If the alternative medicines gives so much relief in such a sort span of time, why the government doesn't make it the mainstream. Why still its alternative? and if these patients can be cured so easily in alternative medicines, then why don't the mainstream doctors advice the patients to check for some alternatives. Why they are in such a haste to transplant their knees.

So if you or your dear one's are suffering from osteoarthritis and have been advised for knee transplant, check it with some good practitioner of herbal medicines.

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