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Juvenile Diabetes - A curative approach

Most people don't understand Juvenile Diabetes fully and just take half treatment for it and say its incurable. Actually One has to understand in Juvenile Diabetes why the pancreas in not producing enough insulin. Doctors simply say that the pancreas got damaged. But why it got damaged? The patient was not born with a damaged pancreas. If someone digs little further then the doctor tells that its immune disorder and its incurable....... But anyone tried to think beyond that??? Why his/her immune system started acting against his/her own body? The protector becomes the destroyer. What made the immune system think that his/her pancreatic cells are not the original one but some changed one, say some invader which needs to be destroyed???? Is it that only the immune system has become hyper and there is no change in the pancreatic cells??? Perhaps no one wants to answer these tough questions and that’s why it is incurable.

Actually, in today’s world everything has become contaminated. The farmers are using lot many pesticides and the farm produce gets contaminated. The milkman and dairy owners... uses hormonal injections so that his cow can give more milk and thus contaminates the milk. The warehouses use lot many preservatives to increase the lifespan of the food products, thus contaminating the products. The radiation from the electronic gazettes are adding fuel to fire. So many unwanted scans during pregnancy exposes the unborn child to heavy radiation. The unwanted chemicals being pumped in the body in the name of vaccination, start contaminating the body very early and are the reasons for many deaths reported worldwide. Overuse of antibiotics…. The doctors are always pumping lots of chemicals in the body and make it contaminated. Most of the chemical medicines use radio active elements, which releases the radiation and they change the molecular structure of several cells n tissues and the immune system thinks its different from the original one and start attacking and destroying them. The cells and tissues of the bone marrow may also gets slightly damaged and are producing faulty leukocytes.

So when the doctor doesn't give you medicine to get rid of these toxic materials which induced these problems, it’s almost impossible to heal the immune system and the other affected organs.

I feel pity at most of the patients when they take just half treatment say external insulin and are happy that they have become a chronic well managed patients. They never get any treatment to heal their pancreas and they also start believing that it’s incurable.

Today one system of medicine which has got good poison to kill some micro organisms but failed in almost all other illness has spread their half baked truth about the curability of this disease. The public must know the full truth that this particular illness is incurable in this pathy.

Here at Natural Care, we believe in the whole body cure. We go deep and investigate each case thoroughly. We have excellent herbal medicines to remove the toxins from the body. Then we give some herbal supplements to start the cell regeneration of the damaged body organs and rectify the immune system. And we have got excellent results worldwide. 

Some wonderful results that we have achieved using this approach.

A 6 year old girl from USA

 Even just following some good advice from us has started giving positive results.

A 3 years and 9 month old girl child from India

 See the positive results in just 2 days time.

And the insulin requirement came down from 12 units per day to 9 units per day. a whooping 25% in just 2 days.

Even i was surprised at this result. I wish someday we can have some herbal solution which can repair the pancreas in just 2 days.

A 24 years old boy from India

This doesn't comes exactly in the juvenile category but still worth mentioning because we had applied the same approach on him and saw good results. He contacted us with his fasting Blood glucose reading 337 and post lunch reading 438.

( email dated 20th December, 2012 )

He was not able to follow the advice and diet properly, still we were able to get positive results.

( email dated 22nd February, 2013 )

( email dated 12th March, 2013 )

In June 2013, his fasting blood glucose reading came down to 152.
In July 2013, his fasting blood glucose reading came down to 138.

He has been advised to continue the medicines. Amazing journey from 337 to 138. And that too without the conventional medicines or external insulin. And many a times he misses his herbal medicines too due to his travel or work schedule.

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