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Indivisualised Vs Generalised Medication

Sometimes back i had a heated discussion with a practitioner of conventional (allopathic) medicines and his followers in one online forum. And the bone of contention was why alternative medicines don't have generic medicines as in allopathy. They said that as in allopathy, paracetamol works on all the patients irrespective of their age and gender and other parameters, all the other medicines who wish to qualify as scientific has to work similarly. And as in alternative medicines, the same set of medicines don't work similarly on the similar patients and each patient has to be given individualized treatment so its not science. And they further go on saying that all other systems of medicines that don't fall into generalized medicines category is pseudo science and quackery.

But if we blindly accept their arguments, then all the claims made by scientists working on stem cell falls under quackery, because they also work on individualized treatment. your own cell is used to regenerate your organ. Someone else stem cell won't work for you and that's why everyone is storing the stem cells from the umbilical chord for future use. They say that every individual is different from the other. And thats why no 2 person of earth have the same finger prints or iris. The most advanced studies in genetics also toes the same line of alternative medicines.

We have all seen the excellent results of individualized treatment. (In allopathy also stem cell therapies are promising a lot).

The pharma companies cook up stories against alternative medicines based on indivisualised treatment so that they can keep looting the patients for life. See some common rumors spread by them.

Alternative medicine is not science

Most of the time people make fun of homeopathy, electropathy or similar medicines that its just a placebo and they don't have the actual medicines and they just sell water.  How on earth can someone give results by just giving few drops of medicine in so much of water.

Obviously the people who speak these things are not educated enough to understand these things. People with good knowledge of modern physics/ electronics can easily understand it. Do you know modern electronics is based on semiconductors and these semiconductors are based on the same principles of doping of homeopathy/electropathy. for example 1 molecule of arsenic doped with 1000000000 molecules of silicon increases the flow of electricity 1000 times in the silicon. Whereas without this doping silicon is useless. And see the marvelous results of this doping. It has changed the world. All your household gadgets, your cell phone, computers, the small toys for kids, the aircraft, satellites, the advance equipments used by the conventional doctors everything based on the principle of doping. Do you still say doping is not science and the medicines based on doping is not scientific and its just a placebo?

The medicines work very slow.

The alternative medicines works as fast as electricity in many cases. But it all depends on the experience and knowledge of the practitioner. For example in cases like hemorrhage, we can stop it in 2 - 3 minutes and save life of millions of people who die due to excessive bleeding during accident or surgery or other miscellaneous reasons.  Nasal Blockages can be opened in 1 - 2 minutes. Acute cases like diarrhea or vomiting can be stopped in 15 - 20 minutes. Fever can be controlled within 30 - 40 minutes. In cases where the patients pulse and blood pressure is going down, our herbal medicines can save the life of the patients by regulating their pulse rate and blood pressure. Joints pain can be controlled in 1 - 2 days time.

And a success rate of more then 90% by using these herbal medicines in some of the so called incurable diseases narrates the real story.

See the wonderful results of the individualized medicines.

Natural Care 

I am not arguing against any particular system of medicines. All i mean to say is that every system of medicine has its own advantages and it should be seen accordingly. And patients should be guided accordingly. The health of the patient should take priority.

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