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Excellent Results on Psoriasis patient from USA

This 39 years old lady contacted us from New York, USA for her psoriasis problem. Read the case in her own words. And see the result in just 20 days.

 After this she mailed her detailed case history.

With all this information in hand we started her treatment from a distance of 13000 kms. In overseas patients we have our limitation that we are not able to send the medicines in liquid form. So most of the lotions which are very very effective in this kinda cases gets ruled out. But still the herbal medicines give spectacular results. Read it in her own words.

All this result was achieved without physical examination of the patient. Without any lab reports and from a distance of 13000 kms. She has been advised to continue with her medicines to completely get rid of her problems. Herbal medicines when taken under the guidance of a good practitioner can give spectacular result.

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