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Excellent Result of Herbs on Breast Cancer patient from USA

This 52 years old lady contacted us from Florida, USA for her breast cancer problem. The doctors had diagnosed her with invasive ductal carcinoma with a lump size of 2.1cm, 1" above the nipple at 12 o' clock position and advised her surgery followed by radiation. In 1.5 months time the lump got so small that she is not able to feel it anymore.

Read the complete case history in her own words.

Further investigations revealed that she had got radical hysterectomy at the age of 38 because of cervical cancer.

We studied her hospital records carefully and then based on her narration of the case history and the reports, we started her treatment. We prepared her medicines accordingly and send it to Florida, USA. Along with the medicines a lot of advice was given on her diet and exercise.

She received her medicines on March 7th 2014.

In less then 20 days time, she reported positive results.

In 1.5 months time she reported that she is not able to feel the lump anymore.

She has been advised to continue the same medicines and the diet.

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