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Excellent result of Herbal medicines on RA and Type 1 diabetic patient from Mexico

Many a times Alternative medicines are written off saying that the results are very slow and may be the patient has recovered on his/her own and not due to the treatment given by the practitioners of alternative medicines. But this is a false statement propagated by the practitioners of conventional medicines and their followers. In many cases, the results of herbal medicines are much much faster then any other means of treatment, if the patient is getting treatment under the guidance of a good practitioner.

This 42 years old patient from Mexico who was residing some 16,000 kms away, contacted us for his RA and Type 1 Diabetes, with deep faith in herbal medicines. See the case history in his own words.

He was taking on average 65 units of insulin on a daily basis.

Seeing the chronic nature of his problem, we had told him that it may take around 3 months time to see some positive changes in his body. 

But we had a pleasant surprise when we received this mail.

There was so much of positive changes in just 1 day. I had also not anticipated so much of positive changes in just 1 day. But hat's off to Nature. It has given us so many wonderful things.

Slowly his external insulin requirement is also coming down.

I keep on thinking, if herbal medicines are so much effective, then why not more and more young people join herbal medicines and cure the patients using herbal medicines. Why everyone is running after conventional medicines. Why the government or the healthcare bodies not investing in herbal research? Why everyone just running after conventional medicines?

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