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Excellent result of Herbal Medicines on Gout on a Malaysian Patient

This 50 years old male from Malaysia contacted me for his Gout problem.

Let me put his case in his own words.

On further investigation he told us that he was having this Gout problem for the last 4 - 5 years and along with this he was having sinus and Asthma. And he wanted to have the Gout problem addressed.

Based on his detailed description over the phone and mails, We prepared herbal medicines for him and send it to him by post.

I just keep wondering what could have propelled people from different countries to contact us for the treatment. Their belief on a doctor who is thousands of miles away. How much was their suffering that a ray of hope led them to someone 1000s mile away for their cure.

I always pray to lord almighty to give me the healing power so that all those who have put their faith in us should get healed in the least possible time.

He received on September 8th, 2011 and started using it right away.

We have cured many cases of Gout, Osteo Arthritis, RA and many other types of Arthritis and our patients are spread in different geographical locations of Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. But still its a challenge every time to cure a patient from such a distance without physical examination.

But my patients never complain me regarding the distance and they feel that they are much closer to me because they can always mail me and give me a call whenever required. Our phone lines open 24 X 7.

I was waiting for the response of the medicines on his body. He mailed me back after 2 weeks of using the medicines.

This is a very positive mail. And we have advised him to continue with the medicines for some longer duration so that his problems go away for ever.

Herbal medicines are very effective in treating this type of patients. We have treated several patients of Gout, chronic Arthritis and other types of pain who were suffering for last 25 years and had tried every kind of medicines and had lost hope in medicines. But now they lead normal life and their smile puts a smile on our face too.

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