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Ebola - Herbal Care

Ebola is spreading like a wildfire and the global connectivity is ensuring that no one is safe. Everyone has to be alert. This disease is contagious and has killed many healthcare professionals who were attending the EVD patients. But no need to panic and take hasty decisions. Here is a small piece of advice to our patients  in the affected regions and also in other parts of the globe.

1. Watch your food. Eat well cooked food and use safe drinking water.
2. This virus is spreading through body fluids.... Be careful......
3. Avoid hugs and kisses with persons sowing the symptoms.
4. Hand sanitizers and masks are great aid.
5. Your immune system is the best one to kill the virus.
6. EH Immunity boosters helps a lot in fighting this deadly virus. It has been found to be effective in all epidemics.

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