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Diabetes (type 2) is incurable in many system of medicine BUT WHY????

Our cells have plasma membrane through which it takes its nutrition from the interstitial fluid. and again the waste material from the cells goes into this interstitial fluid. This waste gets cleaned up by the lymphatic system. It is an open system and it totally depends on the muscle action for its movement. It is not like the blood flow which is a closed system with a central pumping device (heart). so if due to the lifestyle, if there is not much of the muscle movements, the movement of the lymphatic fluid is very less and the garbage disposal from this interstitial fluid gets hampered and slowly a layer of this garbage starts surrounding the plasma membrane which makes difficult for the cells to absorb the blood glucose and conditions like insulin resistance develops. We refer this condition as blocking of the cell receptors. So the unblocking of these receptors is simply reversing this process. i.e. clearing the garbage from the interstitial fluid by making the lymphatic fluid move. once this garbage layer from the plasma membrane and the interstitial fluid gets removed, the insulin resistance condition will get reversed.

For the movement of the lymph in the body, we ask our diabetic patients to do regular exercise, and give some herbal combination which helps in the cleaning of the lymphatic system. Our whole system of medicine is based on the purification of blood and lymph. And the results are amazing.

Most health care professional never pay attention to this and they are not able to reverse the insulin resistance problem and say that diabetes (type 2) is incurable.

Its really very easy to say something is incurable and do nothing about it, but it takes lots of efforts to do something good for people suffering from these so called incurable diseases and cure them.

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