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Diabetes Treatment in Electro homeo

Many patients came to me for treatment Who had initially type 2 diabetes and then heading towards type 1 and their pancreas was not able to make enough insulin. The first thing we did was to repair their digestive system. Then the kidney so that it filters out the waste material and at the same time liver remedy was given. Liver remedy is necessary because without liver good functioning the excess glucose from the blood won't go away. At the same time constitutional remedies should be given to repair the damaged organs and expel out toxins from the body, clean the lymphatic system and the interstitial fluid which clears the debris around the plasma membrane so that the cells can absorb blood glucose. With the help of herbal mixture containing Scrofoloso 1, S5, S6, C6, C17, WE , GE, Limf 1 and Sy their pancreas got repaired and they were able to make enough insulin. The toxins from around the cells too got removed by cleansing the interstitial fluid and hence the cells were able to take glucose from the blood and hence every test of theirs now say blood sugar normal. The electropaths can use different combination of these herbal formulation in different dilutions based on the patients condition.

Before starting the treatment for diabetes one has to know the exact cause and the organs effected due to this condition and then only should try to give the remedies. Without knowing the exact cause if someone tries to give some medicines, he is bound to fail or provide just symptomatic relief.

The main reason for type 2 diabetes is the contamination of the interstitial fluid. The fluid through which the cells take glucose and it also throws out its waste into this fluid to be drained out by the lymphatic system. If this fluid is not cleaned, the toxic materials around the cells will not give path to the cells to absorb the glucose and hence a rise in glucose levels.

Along with the cleansing of the interstitial fluid, one must focus on the repair on the urinary system ans the liver because these two organs might be damaged due to the extra workload.

Now based at the patients case history try to evaluate the condition and administer the drugs accordingly. If its acute case then just the scrofoloso group, Angiatico group and limphatico group for the corresponding organs needs to be administered. If the case becomes chronic and the organs seems to be damaged then for repair of the tissues the corresponding cancereso group too needs to be administered.

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