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Alopathy Vs Electropathy ( Herbal Medicines )

Many a times some doctors of allopathy just discards any other form of medicines except allopathy. But when they see the excellent results on their near and dear ones......

This young allopathic doctor who was doing his research in osteoarthritis contacted us saw the result on his own father who is also an allopathic doctor (vet). The 67 years old allopathic doctor who was in deep pain due to his osteoarthritis and needed support to get up from his bed is able to walk 4kms daily with the help of the herbal medicines(electropathy) and shares his case history with all.

Read the complete history.

The young doctor, doubting the efficacy of alternative medicines.

After this discussion, he wanted to see the result on his father and send a brief case history, we had many telephonic discussion too

And in 2 week time he is able to see the positive effects of the medicines.

And now the patient himself sharing his case and results with the public.


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