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Juvenile Diabetes - Amazing Result

The vegetable kingdom is Nature's personal laboratory and there are many wonderful herbs given by Nature to we humans whose use under the guidance of a right person gives amazing results.

I am practicing these herbal medicine for so many years but many a times i am also amazed with the results.

Today i present a case of Juvenile Diabetes which is said to be incurable in conventional medicines. The practitioners of conventional medicines say that once a person diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes ( Type 1 diabetes ) has to take external insulin till his/her last breath.

Let me put the case directly from her mother's mail.

Most of the people who are brainwashed by the practitioners of conventional medicines think that herbal medicines are just a waste of time and money and they never ever try to get rid of their Type 1 diabetes. But i must congratulate this lady who took all the pain to discover the truth and tried to make her daughter's life insulin free. She didn't even blinked her eyes and asked for our immediate help.

We send her the medicines and while the medicines were on the way, we advised her some diet.

See the positive response of our diet suggested to her.

Finally the herbal medicines arrived at her results. And she started giving her on 10th February, 2013.

The journey with herbal medicines had started. We were confident that she will get positive results. But how much time before we see the positive results and positive upto what extent?????? May be from 7 units it will come down to 6 or 5 or 4 units in 1 month ....

But then i received this mail of amazing result on 10th March, 2013 .....

Its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No insulin administered to her and still her fasting blood glucose normal.

Congratulations dear parents for gifting your baby an Insulin free life.

Some ups and downs may come. but for the time being this baby is insulin free and has been advised to continue these herbal medicines and regularly monitor the blood glucose.

For more results visit Natural Care

Nature is much more powerful then man made science.

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hello dr we want to contact u for diabetes


please accept our request its urgent


I will try my best.


I have not received latest updates. She had insulin free life for few days. Her parents had updated us on 2nd April and at that time they were administering her 3 units of lantus+humalog and her fasting BG was 66. we had advised them to further reduce the doses of insulin. There may be lots of ups and down. Lets hope that her pancreas gets repair fast and she is able to live insulin free life.


What is the present position of this 6 year child ? She is taking insulin or if she is not taking insulin then what blood sugar level the are maintaining.Please brief. Thanks


Hopefully more cases will happen in the future.