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Diabetes Treatment -- Allopath Vs Herbs --genetics

DM2 should be treated as follows.
1. Remove the toxins from the cells and interstitial fluid who have blocked the cell receptors. so that the cell receptors will open up and will start absorbing blood glucose.
2. In Case the patient has hyper glucomia, give him some glucose destroyer for the time period.
3. If the pancreas is producing less insuline, give him some insuline.
4. Repair the Pancreas to produce enough Insuline.
5. Regular excercise to keep the metabolism healthy and expell out the toxins from the body in a natural way.

But it saddens me to see that in many doctors work on just points 2 and 3. they completly ignore points 1 and 4. And hence they are not able to cure DM2 and make it a well managed chronic disease and the patients cough out a hefty sum every month in the name of doctors fee, medicine and tests. And when the patient comes and ask why he is not able to get rid of DM, they try to hide their greed and shortcomings of their pathy in the name of genetics. (Don't tell us that metamorfin will take care of all the 5 points mentioned above. Even bitter guard would have done wonders but the doctors wont recommend it because they don't have any commercial interest in it or may be they have limited knowledge of it.)

But in our therapy we work on all the above mentioned 5 points and cure the patient. so we never hide our face under any blanket called Gene therapy or genetics.

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